Stay Comfortable in the Spring and Summer While Driving the Ford EcoSport

If you want to beat the heat when the temperature rises in Bennington, the Ford EcoSport has a feature that can keep you cool. This solution is a standard feature, so you can stay comfortable after buying any of the available trims.

Ford EcoSport automobiles have a motorized moon roof; this is the main design feature that keeps everyone cool and comfortable when temperatures rise. The top portion of the moon roof has a gap, and a retracting piece is mounted over this opening. When someone presses a button, the housing slides, and lets fresh air move into the cabin. Because the moon roof is positioned in the center of the cabin, air enters the automobile and circulates effectively around front and back passengers.

Carbone Ford of Bennington sells all of the latest Ford EcoSport trims. If you buy a standard or upgraded vehicle, you'll get a moon roof and other helpful features.

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