Motor Magnificence in the Ford Ranger

At Carbone Ford of Bennington, we’re happy to announce the return of the Ford Ranger. It brings with it legendary capacity in a mid-size package that’s easier to maneuver on the streets of Bennington. High tech advances include Adaptive Cruise Control that can keep you at a safe cruising speed from the car in front, Forward Collision Warning to tell you if you’re about to hit the vehicle ahead of you, and Brake Support to pre-charge that brake and increase pressure when you make emergency stops to avoid trouble.

To power your adventures, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost® generates up to 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque with aid form the 10-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift®.

Auto Start-Stop Technology and Direct Injection help increase EPA-estimated fuel efficiency to 26 MPG on the highway and 21 MPG in the city.

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