Decreasing Sounds with the Muffler

When you get into a vehicle and start it, you probably notice that it doesn't sound loud. The muffler helps to keep the noises from the vehicle to a minimum. Without the muffler, your vehicle would likely sound like a racecar.

The muffler on the car is positioned with the exhaust pipes. It's usually found at the back of the vehicle. Tubes and chambers are a part of the complete exhaust system and work together to minimize the sound coming from the motor and other parts of the vehicle. The sound is bounced along the tubes so that it's not heard. You can often tell if there is a hole in the muffler because the vehicle will be louder while driving.

When you visit Carbone Ford of Bennington in Bennington, VT, it's important for our service team to examine the muffler and exhaust system to see if there are any issues. Test driving the vehicle is often the best way to determine if there is a hole in the exhaust system.

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