Pot Holes and Other Hazards Damage Suspension

A vehicles suspension is one of the sturdier parts of a car. Generally constructed of steel it can last for tens of thousands of miles before needing a major repair. However, roadway conditions and aggressive driving styles can impact the life of your suspension dramatically. We like to save people money at Carbone Ford of Bennington in Bennington, VT, so here are some things to avoid to help prolong the life of your suspension and ensure its maximum performance.

While it is out of a drivers control generally, pot holes, speed bumps, and other similar road hazards can quickly wear a suspension out. Avoiding roadways that are especially damaged, and driving slowly and with caution when they can't be avoided, is the best approach to minimizing damage. Hard turning, speeding, and other aggressive driving behaviors can also lead to premature suspension damage.

If you live in an area that experiences drastic temperature changes, has excessive road damage, or especially aggressive drivers, it is a good idea to have your entire suspension system inspected at least once per year. Here at our excellent service shop at Carbone Ford of Bennington we are happy to provide this inspection and keep your car handling optimally and safely.

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